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In today’s business world, the demands on senior executives are ever increasing. Our Executive Business Language program is designed to push beyond intermediate level and prepares you to take the next step in your career, position yourself as a thought leader, and get the best results from yourself and your teams.

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Interact in a one-on-one setting with a hand-selected language trainer and receive valuable input on your current challenges, be it in storytelling and persuasion or leading teams or digital transformation.

Get feedback on your company presentation, specific reports or any other complex setting that requires expert know-how, strategic innovation, and negotiation skills.

Go beyond a simple conversation to design your own creative solutions with discussions on the latest topics in technology, sustainability, and human resources. Your personal language and management trainer will challenge you to get the best results.

Apply insights from these language sessions in an outside world. Our trainers will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and show you ways to network even smarter.

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Let’s work together and give your company the competitive edge it needs in the market of global business. 



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