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International business meeting next month? Presentation next week? Business partner from the UK flying in for an important negotiation on Monday? Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of months to improve your communication. Intensive courses are the perfect way to fit months of learning into a few days. At Passmore, we offer all standard-length courses as intensive, 30 hour programs designed to prepare you for whatever comes your way.

Time isn’t always on your side. Luckily, we are.

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Ideal for companies or teams who want to prepare their employees for international communication


Designed for managers and executives who need to compete in the ever-changing world of business


Expand your professional career with career coaching, the ICAO pilot's exam or an industry-specific course

The Passmore Method

Highly-qualified, native-speaking teachers with extensive experience in language education

Courses are held online or on-site and  in the target language. Start speaking from day one

Courses include current events and industry news, bringing a practical aspect to courses

Peronalized courses adjusted to your company’s needs. Flexible curriculum based on your specifications

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Passmore Business works with top companies around Europe to prepare their employees for the modern demands of international business.

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