Before you take over international business, you need to start with the fundamentals.

From the Ground Up

Have you ever presented a report in a second or third language and found yourself failing to structure a sentence correctly? Maybe you couldn’t think of a word for an email? Perhaps you didn’t understand a culturally-specific question asked by a potential client? Like with any skill, the fundamentals of language are absolutely necessary to succeed in our modern Business-English world.

In our Foundations course, you will learn every aspect of fundamental grammar, from tenses to idioms. Courses are available at all language levels.

Course Content


Fundamental sentence structures, tenses and voices, common business structures, informal vs formal language, word formation and more.


Common English verbs and nouns, business-specific terms, idioms, sayings and industry-specific or current-events terms in both speaking and writing

Cultural Overview

Discussion and explanation of aspects of English-speaking cultures and language from native speakers; insight into intercultural communication and behaviors

Info at-a-glance

Course duration: 50 units (25 classes)

Class length: 60 minutes

Class frequency: once per week 

Schedule: to be determined after consultation

Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Max students: 8

The Passmore Method

Highly-qualified, native-speaking teachers with extensive experience in language education

Courses are held online or on-site and in the target language. Start speaking from day one

Courses include current events and industry news, bringing a practical aspect to courses

Peronalized courses adjusted to your company’s needs. Flexible curriculum based on your specifications

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